An ivy league student masterminds an underground gambling ring in order to pay his way through college.
While tracking down a pedophile ring, a reckless kidnap negotiator follows the clues that lead to what really happened to her son years ago.
After finding out that her fiancée still keeps all his ex’s letters, a wedding photographer embarks on a mission to find out who is the woman her boyfriend still loves.
A fun family drama about a precocious 10-year old boy who finds his dead brother’s mysterious scrapbook, and teams up with the only person that could help him decipher it; a delusional old man who thinks he’s ‘Death.’
Losing her eyesight to macular degeneration, a dance teacher hires a transgender Mexican woman to escort her to Mexico in hopes of finding a "curandera" healer.
After a wild encounter, two strangers uncover some ties that links them forever, this may either destroy them or give them a reason to stay together.
A naive journalist interviewing the last inmate on death row begins to question the prosecutors evidence.